Labor Day 2016

labor-day-at-the-beach-2 It’s been a long great summer full of splashing around, soaking up the sun, and spending time with family and friends. Can you believe it’s almost over? If you’re anything like us here at Legacy Vacations, you wish summer could last forever.

Since we can’t adjust the calendar to include less work and more play, we are just taking advantage of our last chance to soak up those summer rays and have a few extra days added on to our weekend.  Obviously, we’re talking about Labor Day!

For those who don’t already know, Labor Day is a holiday that was created just for the sole purpose of giving the working class a break. For once we were actually recognized for hard work and continous (ahem) labor, that the goverment decided we deserved a break. How thoughtful, right?

It would be crazy to take this special gift for granted, so we need to make the most of it. There are still a couple weeks left to plan something your loved ones will never forget. If you’re looking for something fun, check out these three things we suggest for your Labor Day Weekend.

1. Plan a mini vacation –

You know by now that we always suggest a beach trip, but that’s just because we are in love with living so close to crashing waves. We know of some wonderful places to stay right on the water.

2. Hang out by the pool –

If you can’t make it to the beach, kick back by the pool with a glass of lemonade and some big sunglasses. There are playlists you can find of nothing but ocean waves. If you close your eyes, it’s like your really here! If you don’t have a pool, we know one that just might work.

3. Throw a party  –

Tip your hat to the end of the season with a Farewell Summer Shindig. Call up some friends, fire up the grill, and spend time together on your last holiday before the real holiday season begins. Don’t forget to tune in to some SEC football!

How do you plan on spending your last weekend of summer? Let us know on our Facebook page!