6 Tips for Renting Your Vacation Condo

SPL 408_Legacy_2015_06_03_003Many of our previous blogs have been written for people who want to rent a vacation condo on the  Emerald Coast but today I’d like to share some tips with vacation condo owners who want to improve their property and increase business.

1. Add a personal touch

People like connecting with other people. They like to know that there’s a human on the other end of the business and not some faceless company. They want to know that their patronage is appreciated. You can make your guests feel welcome by leaving a handwritten note thanking them for their business, or a welcome basket with some inexpensive vacation gifts (candle, sun block, tourist guide, etc.).

2. List with a quality company

Managing a rental property is hard enough, but you bought the home as an investment, you don’t want to work 40 hours/week running the thing. That’s why it makes more sense to list your property with a quality vacation condo rental company that does all the marketing for you.

3. Be responsive, even if you’re booked

If someone contacts you about your vacation rental property, don’t ignore them. Many people have flexible vacationing timelines. For example, they may be open to taking time off work any time in July or August. Make sure to respond to everyone and encourage them to book a free time.

4. Visit your property several times per year

If you live out of state, don’t rely on your guests and property management company to keep you informed about the state of your unit. Visit between bookings every now and then to poke around. Look for wear and tear that hasn’t been reported or small issue that might turn into big problems.

5. Be mindful of the taxman

Renting out your vacation condo is a business and you should prepare your tax documents and legal papers with that in mind. Make sure to put aside some of your rental income every month so you can pay taxes on it at the end of the year.

6. Get insurance!

I can’t stress this enough! You need to have more than a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy on your condo. You need to have a specific policy that understands you are renting your house out as a vacation property. You need to protect yourself for when a renter leaves the water running or backs into your garage.

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