October-At-The-BeachHave you been feeling a little extra spring in your step recently? I can tell you that the absence of the intense summer heat has me practically skipping around. And, more important, it has me excited for fall and all the wonderful things that fall brings with it. For some, the best of these is a fall beach vacation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fall is the best time of the year for the Emerald Coast. The weather is cool enough that you have energy, but far from cold. You can still hit the beaches, but now you can also hit up some other outdoor activities without getting soaked with sweat.

If you’re planning a fall vacation – something I highly recommend – make sure you keep a balance of active and relaxed. When you stay at one of our vacation codos, take advantage of the many activities in the area: fishing on the pier, a long walk on the beach until sunset, vollyball on the beach, and golf. If you need more inspiration, we have provided a full list of things to do in the area. But at a certain point it’s nice to call it quits and relax the best way possible – at the beach. Swimming’s still a good option, but you can also just sit in your beach chair and enjoy the fall weather with a good book.

Make sure to leave some time to unwind in the evenings with the family. If you enjoy cooking, all of our condos come with fully equipped kitchens for a family dinner, sit outside and watch the sunset with the hubby, and end the night with a movie or board games with the kids.

Fall is such a good time to be with family at the beach.Why not come see for yourself?

Rent Your Vacation Spot From Professionals

SMP408---LR3There are many reasons why using a management company is better than renting directly from the condo owner. Most owners usually live out of town, which makes them more likely to be out of touch. Legacy Vacations knows how important your beach vacation is. It is what you have saved for and looked forward to all year long!

There are many horror stories out there regarding renting homes directly from an individual. Now we are not saying this happens all of the time, or this will happen to you if you rent from an owner directly but it has happened before to many innocent people who were just looking for a vacation home. One of the newest scams happening is where a person has rented a condo, sent the “owner” their rent money only to find out the condo you rented doesn’t even belong to the people or doesn’t even exist.

Another concern is possible double bookings. Individuals renting their own properties may not be using the best reservation/tracking system, which could lead to possible double bookings. We have seen this happen before where a guest renting from an owner comes into our office looking for a last minute rental because the place they rented has someone else in it. Another possible issue is the condition of the rental home. Since most owners live out of town, they may not be aware of the condition their “rental” is in (such as needed maintenance, cleaning, etc.). And if there are issues with the condo, they may be out of touch or unreachable and unable to get the necessary repairs fixed in a timely manner. This is where a management company, like Legacy Vacations comes in handy!

At Legacy Vacations, our experience with vacation rentals span across 40 years and we have seen first-hand how renting outside of a management company can devastate even the most perfectly planned vacation. We personally pride ourselves in the entire rental experience, from searching and making the reservation all the way through the end of your stay. We provide many personal touches that have created some wonderful life-long friendships with our guests. We also have close relationships with many different “vacation-service” providers in the immediate area which helps us to take care of all of your vacation needs. Plus, the fact that our office is located right in the middle of all of our vacation rental condos is convenient for our guests as well as allows us to be available for any needs you have. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you a condo owner who is exhausted over a season of trying to handle your rental or who has experienced inconsistencies or mismanagement with your current property management company? Give us a call and let us show you how we can make your investment both profitable as well as pleasurable!