Labor Day

bucketLabor Day 2014 arrives the first Monday in September, marking the end of the summer season. It’s the perfect occasion to relax, have some fun in the sun, and take time to gear up for a soon-to-arrive fall and holiday season. Perhaps it’s ironic that a day recognizing working folks is one of the best days to take time away from the office and enjoy the last gasp of summer.

The date of Labor Day changes every year, leading many people to ask when is Labor Day weekend. The federal holiday is always September’s first Monday. Labor Day had its start in the Industrial Revolution, honoring the men, women, and children who drove the engine of the economy. As the Labor Movement was growing, the need for Labor Day was evident. The Central Labor Union, one America’s first and biggest unions, hosted the first Labor Day on September 5, 1882. The day was turned into a Federal Holiday in 1894, passed into law just six days after a contentious strike by Pullman railroad workers. In the years since, Labor Day has become less about unions and industry and more of a time for everyone to relax.

Whatever you decide to do this Labor Day weekend, we hope you have a safe and memorable one.

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What are you waiting for? You’ve worked hard this year and we know the beach is where you’d rather be this Labor Day!

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